Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rant: Google Wallet = Google Betrayal

Any other T-Mobile Nexus S owners feel a little bit irritated that one of the main features that made the Nexus S standout is being held back from the original Nexus S? Google Voice integration, Google Wallet--seems like the real Nexus S, at least from Google's perspective, is the Sprint version. 

Now, this is not all that bad. When T-Mobile is slaughtered by that evil, lying villain, then the next best alternative is certainly Sprint, which means that, chances are, I will one day be a Nexus 4G/Wallet user, but that does not mean I don't like being tiered as Nexus S owner. 

The question is: Is Google to blame? Probably not. T-Mobile, I am nearly sure, is the culprit here. And it could be a direct result of the merger (I really like to blame AT&T because, hey, they deserve it!), but it is still very difficult to swallow.

One thing that I do find irritating, and Google has addressed this at IO, is the fact that as soon as you think you've got the best thing you get one-up'd. What was the exception to this? The Nexus line. The only thing that beats a Nexus was the newest Nexus. Now, one could argue that the 4G is the newest Nexus, but it is not a true contender as that will be the yet announced Nexus 3 (LG?), which should come around Christmas time. No, this is Google making new partners as they go along.

. . . As they go along.

Google seems to utilize this moniker like it is the corporate strategy. I know Google releases beta products all of the time, i.e. Honeycomb, (have they actually finished a product?) but all of this fragmentation (the real kind, not the scrolling kind) has a lot to do with Google, and one cannot put all of the blame on the phone makers/providers. The user cannot get comfortable with Google. Everything feels, similar to their OS, just a bit unstable. I appreciate it, actually, I like the work in progress. I, like other Android users, want the latest technology now--and I will take it with bugs--but it is getting really expensive to do that.

Google announced at IO this update policy of theirs, and we all know that it is a facade, but it is an appreciated mask nonetheless. It is just annoying to go get that precious Google vanilla, just to be outdone by the next player as Google sashays across the dance floor tossing away partners and accepting them back quicker than the consumer can pull out their credit card.

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