Thursday, July 28, 2011

Regarding Android Activism

I wrote this article in regards to a contest for a G2X put on by Android Activist. Sadly I lost, but here is the winning submission. Congrats to the winner! I really liked my submission so I thought I would throw it up for all to read. Enjoy . . .

Creation and innovation are communal endeavors. As such it is integral that these elements be left open to grow and evolve, which is precisely the reason I choose to promote Android. While Android has had its open-source stutters as of late (Honeycomb), it remains a shining light against the backdrop of closed operating systems working within a closed ecosystem. The ability to have Android co-exist with many different OEMs has brought innovation to devices, and at a juggernaut rate of speed as well. From the G1 to Google TV, and now Android@Home, it is clear that Android's belief in open is not a fragmented hindrance that many spoke of in its infancy, rather it is a pathway to technological advancement, and at the recently announced 550,000 new activation's a day it is certainly not a poor business model either. 

When I was first introduced to Android I was not entirely sold on the platform. In fact, it was my wife who really wanted the phone so I gave in. I was quickly taken aback at what the phone could do, but was also irritated with what it could not do. It was at this time that I stumbled across the "Android Community." I quickly rooted my phone and installed CyanogenMod. I was amazed, perhaps even moved, at the constant assistance one could receive from developers in the forums. Developers work day and night in order to get the latest software updates on to their specific phones--benefits that would never be offered or available on the original device. The worth of one's device grows exponentially within the Android ecosystem as developers offer more each day. The Android developers, in conjunction with an open system, have created a product that can do nearly anything--all that is generally required of the consumer is a Google search and following directions. This has led me to become an activist for Android.

I recently started a blog,, where I write about the Android OS. Moreover, I created a Twitter account, @GhostWriterv9, where I try to push Android news out to keep individuals informed of Android's activity. Innovation is a responsibility of all within the Android community, so the greater we grow the more we evolve. Moreover, the open-source concept, while not created by Android, is rarely represented by such a mainstream organization, and this is very important because it creates a place where information is available. Open access to information is something that I champion in my Android activism as it is a type of liberty ideology that I believe holds true in all elements of life, not just technology.

In sum, I am an activist because I believe Android is much bigger than a phone--it is an illustration of what happens when a community is given open-access to information. And what is the result? Progress.

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